Tuesday, July 27, 2010

sometimes she sculpts small scenes, slowly shaping seaside sandscapes

I took this last year, but never published it anywhere. In a (possibly weird) way, I'm self-conscious about admiring women in a physical way - or, at least letting on that I do. I never want to be 'that guy', crass and this close to vulgar. I don't think this is a 'sexy' shot, other than Ms. is in great shape, and in a bikini, but Long Story Short, I am kinda artistically skeeved out by 'racy' stuff (even though I have no problem w/porn...I guess I separate Art and Porn emotionally), and I never want my work to be perceived that way. I have real confidence issues with asking for what I want, and even in an indirect manner, when I'm asking for a shot or whatever, be it candid like this, or more specifically, portraits, I have to work on 'owning' my desire to see the subject in whatever way I honestly feel, since I guess it reveals me in the process. That make any sense? To ask for exposure, intimacy and honesty in a photo (esp. of another person) I am expressing my desire - whatever the nature of that desire is, whatever the nature of the subject is. It could be Taiko Drummer Girl, or Porsche 911 RSR, or Snowy Egret.

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