Saturday, October 9, 2010

urgent care s/p

urgent care s/p, originally uploaded by Chris Valle Photography.

This is me @kaiser in Harbor City. I need pain meds and antibiotics.

I have an abcessed tooth. A cavity that has taken it to the next level. Broke on through to the other side. By "other side" I mean "all the effing way through the goddamn tooth". Next stop: Skull Junction, Population: You.

People, believe you me. Do NOT trifle with your pie-hole. I have been regaled with the full horror of oro-cranial misadventure; cancer, resected mandibles, post-mortem brain much easier to brush, floss, rinse, and just go to the damn dentist. If it hurts, don't wait for it to get better. It will only get worse. By the way, worse also means more expensive.

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