Monday, October 3, 2011

In the moment

water, originally uploaded by The Chris Valle.

This Narcissistic Rant is brought to you by Water. "It's what you are...mostly."

I sat in traffic for 115 minutes. I had a hard day at my mid-level management job. Then I sat in 90 more minutes of traffic, numb in my meta-complacency and wrapped in 3200 pounds of grey mediocrity, top-heavy carbon steel and dull plastic. Now, I just want to drink tequila, eat meat, fuck, and sing songs. Pretty much in that order. I'm certainly in no condition to play the guitar. I fall back on an almost reptilian-level of composition and exposition. An ethanol-fueled, autopiloted rocket ride into my 'near conscious'. Toward the confessions I always carry in the back of my throat, the truths I always have known, so never have to say aloud.

"I am damaged, I am mortal, I am afraid and imperfect."

"I have come here to struggle and die."

-But that's putting the cart before the horse....

I slouch before you today, fallen yet unshattered. Humbled but not discouraged. Surly, sullen, swarthy and somehow satisfied. I am lucky beyond probability and I have been spared the Worst Case over and over again. My Life is Good and My Life is Easy. To deny that is to spit in the faces of everyone from the Ice Age to Birmingham that fought harder, ran faster, and died younger than I.

This life isn't always fun, but it's all good. My bad days are some people's fantasies.

This photo has nothing to do with the 'writing'. I just like my pictures.

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