Wednesday, August 11, 2010


species, originally uploaded by C. Valle.

this guy, despite probably being mentally ill, lives a lot more like people are supposed to than I do. I'm fat, sitting in an air-conditioned Honda, doing Mechanized Street Photo, and he's doing inverted push ups. Not looking to trade places, but there's something of his attitude I might be able to use to cut the crap in my routines. Maybe you have to be a little koo-koo. I didn't feel pity or contempt for this man. More like admiration for this postmodern hunter-gatherer. It must be a harder life for sure, but he's clearly stronger for it. Maybe you don't have to live outside to get that edge, but being in front of a desk or TV or fridge doesn't seem like part of the plan. If there is a plan.

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  1. He's probably training for the coming apocalypse.